Is your 24-hour clock regular?

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Is your 24-hour clock regular?

Is your 24-hour clock regular?

Back in January, we shared five ways to build healthy habits, and we’d like to expand on one of those habits – your circadian rhythm brain. We’re talking about your body’s 24-hour clock. It’s not one you can hook on a wall, but it’s a light-sensitive internal timer that your brain manages.

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Why is this blue light sensitive clock important?

Our patients come to us with a list of ailments that require adjustment: back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue. Though some physical discomforts are because of a direct injury, many people experience these symptoms because of circadian rhythm sleep disorder (CRSD). Meaning, your body isn’t on a consistent sleep/wake cycle – you’re going to bed at random times, waking up at different times, and maybe even eating at night. The end result? You’re sluggish, sore, and have a number of pains that require remedying.

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What if you go to bed at the same time at night and still experience these symptoms?

Great question. Do you expose yourself to blue light at night? If you use your cellphone and/or computer before bed, you’re actually confusing your brain. When your brain is aware of blue light, which your screen emits if you don’t have a blue light filter, it thinks it’s daytime. When you pick your phone up at 9:00 pm to send a text, the light triggers your brain, delaying its sleep cycle.

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Regulate your 24-hour circadian rhythm.

• Put your body on a routine.

• Eat your meals, even snacks, at the same of day.

• Pay attention to your body – when you’re sleepy, awake, hungry, etc…

• Get a blue light filter for your screens, but swap them out for a book or journal at nighttime.

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