4 Ways to Crack the Self-Care Trend

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4 Ways to Crack the Self-Care Trend

4 Ways to Crack the Self-Care Trend

Taking care of yourself is the new craze. Cinnamon candles for the bath, a book while you bike at the gym, and sending all those calls from your aunt Trudy straight to voicemail are all done in the name of self-care. Are there any chiropractic benefits? The short answer – yes!

Chiropractic care is about more than the physical, it’s also about improving your mental health. Because we care about your overall well-being, the self-care craze is one we’re getting behind.

For some people, self-care might mean purchasing a weekly concert ticket, but because we’re all things chiropractic, we’ll teach you how to crack the self-care code in 4 easy, healthy ways.

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What’s for dinner?

Exercise is not enough to improve our health, but many of us find it difficult to keep to a “diet.” I got goosebumps just writing the word out. How about adopting a Meatless Monday attitude to help you cut down on your animal protein consumption? Think of it this way, you’ll always know what’s for dinner on Monday nights.

To prepare your family for Meatless Monday, visit a local green or farmers market in your city on a Saturday or Sunday. Green markets are also a fun way to get outside for some Vitamin D. When browsing through vegetable and fruit stands, remember your colors. The more colorful your food, the healthier you are!

South Florida green and farmers market guide

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Flowers bloom the same time of year

Though Florida flowers bloom throughout the year, flowers usually bloom around the same time of year or season. That’s because all living things, even the bacteria in your gut, follow a circadian clock. You are your healthiest when your internal clock runs on time. Sounds easy. How do you crank your internal clock? Get your body on a routine and stick to it.

Some of our patients come to us with fatigue, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, poor sleep quality… some of that might have to do with your internal clock. One way to practice self-care is turning your screen off at least one hour before bed. Staying on your phone or laptop late into the night confuses your brain – it thinks it’s day time. Trade your late-night screen time for a book, journaling, or meditation.

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Let’s get moving!

If pumping iron is how you like to stay physically fit, good for you! But you don’t have to get a gym membership to get your daily dose of physical activity. Add a couple of short walks to your daily schedule. Too busy? A 20-minute walk around your neighborhood or yard is doable.

Is that already too much time to devote to physical activity? Try taking a 5-minute celebration break when you get home for work, take your calls while walking around the office or outside, or add a couple of minutes to your dog walk.

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Show your body love

Self-care has gained popularity because it encourages people to care for their well-being. How about a massage? It’s a great way to calm your mind and show your muscles some love. Be sure to drink lots of water afterwards, but we’re here to answer any questions you might have about pains leading into a massage.

Want to keep your clothes on? How about a night-in with your friends where you spend time sharing light gossip, laughing way too loud, painting nails, or reviewing the last season of Game of Thrones.

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