Back Pain? Exercise Your Way to Relief

Back Pain? Exercise Your Way to Relief


We all know that exercise is good for us—mind and body. Staying physically active keeps us in shape, at a healthy weight, and is an effective treatment for many mental health issues like depression.

If you suffer from back pain, exercising may seem like a stretch, (pun intended)—back pain can be debilitating and unbearable. 

Luckily, chronic or acute pain can be greatly reduced with certain physical activities, and being active is an effective and cost-efficient way to help ease your pain or prevent it from recurring.

Here are 4 of the best exercises for back pain:

  1. Walking—Walking is a low-impact and highly effective way to treat back pain, particularly lower back pain. Walking regularly can reduce inflammation, strengthen muscle groups that support your back, and release pain-fighting endorphins.

Tip—Make sure that you walk with good posture and invest in the right shoes. 

  1. Swimming or Water Therapy—Aquatic exercise has many benefits for your back. Swimming is another low-impact aerobic workout that can strengthen your back muscles while alleviating pressure on your joints and spine. 

Tip—Focus on strokes that help the underlying cause of your particular back pain. Some strokes cause your body to arch, adding stress to your joints, while others do not, but may cause pain related to your discs

  1. Floor Exercises—These exercises will strengthen your back and stomach muscles and can provide effective relief if done properly and often. Some of the best floor exercises for back pain include partial crunches, bridges, pelvic tilts, and wall sits. 

Tip— Proper form is essential in each of these exercises to avoid excessive stress on your lower back or joints.

  1. Weight Lifting—When done properly, lifting weights can be very helpful in relieving chronic back pain. 

Tip—If you experience sudden back pain, avoid weight training until you’ve consulted your doctor. 


While you may not feel much like moving around or exercising when you’re suffering from back pain, moving around is actually very helpful. Strengthening your back, stomach, and leg muscles aid in supporting your spine and relieving your pain. 

Always check with your chiropractor before trying new exercises for back pain.


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