Can I Take my Baby to a Chiropractor?

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Can I Take my Baby to a Chiropractor?

Can I Take my Baby to a Chiropractor?

Being a new parent is exciting, but it’s also exhausting. Working to get your baby to breastfeed and sleep is challenging, and their mood often determines your peace of mind or lack thereof. Add an ear infection, and it’s not a pretty picture, which is why some parents are bringing their babies in to see the chiropractor.

Gentle Adjustments

Although adjustments done for babies are usually gentle, the jury is still out on baby chiropractic care. With adults and children, there’s communication involved – they can let us know if something hurts or is uncomfortable – babies can’t quite do that. We haven’t taken part in the baby chiropractic care debate because they’re not who we see. But there also isn’t enough data out there about the benefits.

Less Baby stress

While we’re excited that you find chiropractic care so helpful that you’re considering inaugurating your newborn, we encourage you to speak with your pediatrician. Worried about how much sleep your bundle of joy is getting? Bring them in to see their doctor, then make an appointment with us, and we’ll help relieve all of that new baby stress.

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