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It’s not uncommon for even the most minor of Auto Accident Injuries to cause lower back pain. The spine is the most important part of the human anatomy. It’s what keeps our bodies erect and acts as a super highway between the brain and our nervous system. During an auto accident, the forces exerted upon the body tear at soft tissues, shatter bone and knock the spine out of whack. The lower back supports much of the body when sitting in a car and thus receives the brute force of much of the damage.

Major Auto Accident Injuries are likely to occur from both serious and minor accidents. Many of the most serious accidents will result in immediate back surgery to repair the damage and require months of rehabilitation to return the back to its normal function. Even in small fender benders, low back pain is a symptom that something has been thrown off.

Chiropractic adjustments and therapy have long been used as an effective treatment for low back pain. While you concentrate on your recovery, regular adjustments can alleviate pain and ensure that everything heals correctly. Chiropractic care involves analysis of your Auto Accident Injury to detect a subluxation and correct imbalances. Adjustments can restore comfort, movement, balance to the nervous system and provide pain relief to function toward healing.

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