Chiropractic Care Relieves Whiplash Pain Med-Free

Each year over 1 million people experience cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD) syndrome, or more frequently known as whiplash. A common reason that leads individuals into a chiropractor’s office.

Whiplash is an injury to soft tissue, not bone, meaning it doesn’t show up on X-Rays, MRIs or CT scans – which can cause it to be left untreated. Common symptoms range from slight stiffness or tingling to severe pain throughout the neck, back, shoulders and arms. These symptoms can last up to one year according the to a study by the medical journal of Neurology.

If left untreated, chronic pain and discomfort can occur, leading to painkillers and medication for an unknown amount of time. Chiropractic care can lessen and eliminate distress by using methods such as:
– Spinal Manipulation
– Muscle Relaxation and Muscle Stimulation
– Massage Therapy
– Physical Therapy

93% of patients suffering from chronic pain brought on by whiplash experienced relief from chiropractic care, according to University Department of Orthopedic Surgery. This can be a result of chiropractors looking at your body as a whole to find a solution, not just the symptoms and how to mask the pain.

You may think whiplash only comes after an intense car accident, but it has been shown to occur with impacts going a mere 10 MPH – that’s slower than most school zones. Meaning you can be experiencing pain from whiplash after a low-impact incident that may have gone untreated.

Never hide your car accident discomfort – no matter how slight or severe – behind pain medication, instead let chiropractic adjustments be your pain management solution. Many chiropractors even offer auto accident chiropractic adjustments focusing on pain caused by whiplash and more.

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