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Got Injured While DIYing Your Home?

Power tools, ladders, and yard work. DIY projects seem easy to do, but can lead to different home injuries both big and small. Level of technical skills and familiarity with tools help determine which DIY projects to take on. Most DIYers don’t do the task they are attempting to do frequently, which increases the chances of injury.

One in five people get injured from attempting a DIY project. 164,000 fall from ladders each year and 124,126 get hurt in a power tool related injury. Many handyman required projects can lead to injury and chronic pain, including:

Lower Back Pain

The lower back region is defined by the area starting below the rib cage until the end of the spine, also called lumbar region. Discomfort could be caused by a pulled or strained muscle from doing a task it is not used to doing.

Neck Pain

Twisting and turning your body to reach a space may be the cause of your neck aching you. Your body’s neck region contains small, delicate pain sensitive structures that can limit one’s movement from day-to-day activities.

Extremity Pain

Extremity pain is one of the most common pain complaint. Depending on which body part is in discomfort, the treatment method would adapt to your specific need whether it’s your shoulder, knee, wrist, or ankle.

Mid back Pain

If the area above the bottom of your rib cage is in pain, you’re suffering in your mid back. Similar to your lower back, a pulled or strained muscle could be the cause.

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