Health Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

health benefits chiropractic therapy

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

Studies have proven time and time again that regular chiropractic adjustments can heal the body from a number of ailments. Whether its from minor back pain to recovery from an accident, seeing a chiropractor will help realign your body for total optimization. Here are just a few of the many ways you can benefit from regular trips to the chiropractor.

1. Back & Neck Pain

Chiropractors and back pain go together like peanut and jelly. It’s typically the most common reason people seek out a chiropractor in the first place. A recent study on neck and back pain found that chiropractic adjustments not healed patients faster, but at one-third the cost of physiotherapy or general practitioner care.

2. Improve Posture

The way you carry your body on a daily basis directly correlates with the way your body functions. We’ve all noticed the pain in our shoulders and back Friday afternoon after hunching over a keyboard all week. A chiropractor will pinpoint the locations on your spine where stress is improperly placed and adjust for misalignments.

3. Headaches

Chiropracic adjustments are commonly used to manage headaches in both tension and migraine suffering patients. By adjusting the spine and nervous system, pathways between the brain and body are realigned to alleviate pain.

4. Blood Pressure

Applying a chiropractic adjustment to the top cervical area has the same effect as two blood pressure pills. Not only that but the effects lasted longer than six months. The reverse effects were discovered for hypotensive patients as well.

5. Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a disorder of the spine that causes it to veer from its typical vertical alignment and curve. It’s estimated about 3% of Americans are afflicted with the spinal disorder. Regular chiropractic adjustments paired muscular rehabilitation can prevent the further progression of scoliosis. Previously, surgery was thought to be the only way to treat scoliosis, but case studies have proven chiropractic adjustments to decrease the scoliosis’ curvature from 10-30%.

6. Cold & Flu Prevention

Dr. Ronald Pero measured 107 individuals of chiropractic care. He discovered that patients who regularly receive chiropractic adjustments had a 200% stronger immune system than others.

7. Stress & Tension

We often forget how much stress we hold in our bodies. Chiropractic adjustments promote relaxation from stress and tension by releasing muscular, skeletal and nervous systems that are tense and misaligned. An aligned nervous system is especially beneficial as it allows for proper communication between your body and the brain.

8. Arthritis Relief

If you suffer from arthritis, chiropractic adjustments can help you restore your lost range of motion and prevent the loss of further motion. Paired with an individualized exercise program, you’ll be able to maintain progress between chiropractic visits.

9. Injury Prevention

It goes to say that many injuries can be prevented. Often we obtain them through the fault of our own when we don’t stretch enough before engaging in an activity. A chiropractor can help prevent injury and optimize body performance by increasing oxygenation, decreasing lactic acid build up, reducing muscle spasms, improving circulation and enhancing flexibility. When your body is optimized and aligned properly, it can perform at its best while lowering the risk of injury.

10. Enhanced Flexibility

When we’re younger, our body is equipped with an extensive range of motion. Unfortunately as we age, our muscles begin to tighten, and something as simple as tying your shoes can become a problem. A chiropractor will use adjustments and manipulations to restore range of motion and loosen stiffened joints.

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