Getting more energy naturally

How Do I Increase My Energy Naturally?

It seems like everywhere you look today, there is something new to help you stay awake and keep you going. Energy drinks, supplements, and herbs are the most commonly marketed products used to get you going. What about natural ways that don’t involve consuming a product? Here are a few techniques to start today without pulling money out of your wallet.

  1. Breathing – Eight deep breaths in a standing position right before you start your day. Outside is best but can be done anywhere. Stand up, shoulders back and relaxed, breathe deep into the belly and expand your chest. Feel the air move in and out of your lungs slow as you focus on each inhale and exhale.
  2. Wait to Eat – Eating brings about the rest and digest cycle which will make you more sluggish. Try to wait until later in the day for your first meal. If you must have morning food, try to cut back and make sure the meal is easy to digest.
  3. Change Your Focus – Take a break from your task every 20 minutes, if possible. A 2-minute break is all that is needed. Getting up and moving around will allow you to work with increased efficiency when you get back to your task. This is also a good time to repeat step one.


A decrease in energy levels could be signs of other conditions and undue stress on the body. Please see your primary care physician for a checkup and go to your chiropractor to reduce any structural shifts that may be using too much of your energy.

Dr. Jason Alviene

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