It’s Time to Kick that Sugar Addiction

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It’s Time to Kick that Sugar Addiction

It’s Time to Kick that Sugar Addiction

Sugar, yes, please! The members of Maroon 5 aren’t the only ones obsessed with the soluble carbohydrate. According to recent data from the Addiction Center, 75% of Americans now have a sugar addiction. Unlike a catchy pop tune, a sugar obsession isn’t one to celebrate because it comes with serious health implications. When ingested in moderation, sugar can be nourishing. Not many carbohydrates energize the body in minutes and peak in about an hour, and it doesn’t take consulting a scientist to notice the impact – ask a parent. The trouble is eating sugar feels too good, and the majority of Americans find themselves craving more and more.

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The wanting is in your brain

Like other addictive drugs or Facebook, sugar releases dopamine. There’s a rumor that dopamine is the feel-good chemical in the brain, but there’s research that shows it’s the motivator. Either way, your brain will begin to crave more sweet goodness, and it’ll release more dopamine which will encourage you to consume more sugary treats and before you know it, you’re heading to AA meetings or reading this blog. We are proud of you First thing, we’re glad you want to kick your sugar habit, and we’re here to help you do it. If sugar is a problem area for you, bring it up on your next visit, but we’ve got some great tips for you’re while you’re here.

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Be patient with yourself

Sugar consumption changes the chemistry in your brain, and that’s why you develop an addiction. Quitting may be difficult, and we recommend reducing your intake gradually. Going cold turkey will lead to withdrawals. If you don’t get it right the first time, show yourself compassion, but try again. If you have a little too much one day, make adjustments the following day. Be gentle with yourself.

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Sugar is everywhere, we know

Sugar may seem hard to escape because it’s in a lot of food products. Be sure to read labels at the grocery store. Before heading to the check-out aisle, watch out for added sugar in foods that you expect to be sweet.

Visualize your intake

What does 32 grams of sugar look like? Weigh it out. Bring the granulated sugar out of the cupboard and see for yourself. When food journaling, take note of how many grams of sugar you consume and see what that looks like on the scale. It might shock you.

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Think of future generations

What you feed your kids today may impact their health in the future. Many of the food habits we form started in childhood, so make kicking the sugar habit a family commitment. It’ll help future generations live an optimal life.

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