Maintain Joint Health

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Maintain Joint Health

Maintain Joint Health

Forget the old tale about cracking your knuckles. Keeping your joints healthy has more to do with what you eat and how you treat your body.

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Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting us from invaders but can be harmful to our joints when it persists. Eating a more balanced diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods is one way to maintain good joint health. Harvard Health Publishing shows that adding tomatoes, green leafy veggies, and fatty fish to your diet will help fight inflammation, but fried foods and processed meats, for example, will trigger it in the body.

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Know your body

Our patients come to us because they know their body – they know when something isn’t right. Pay attention to your pain, and take note when discomfort persists. Chronic illnesses often come with early warning signs, but we tend to ignore them. Know when something isn’t right, and take action early.

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Low impact

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your joints happy, but you don’t need to overextend yourself. Though we are big supporters of fitness, we know running a 5K isn’t for everyone. Take a couple of laps around the neighborhood, stretch, take up yoga. Find a fitness routine that gets you up and moving because exercise lubricates and strengthens your joints.

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