Muscle Trigger Point Pain & Myofascial Release Therapy

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Muscle Trigger Point Pain & Myofascial Release Therapy

Muscle Trigger Point Pain & Myofascial Release Therapy

If a chiropractor is good at their job, you’ll only need to see them a handful of times. We’ve heard iterations of that statement before. Our Chiropractic staff is excellent, but we do see some patients more than a handful of times because each person we treat presents a different case.


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Some pains are more severe than others.

Most of us are familiar with muscle knots. They are usually tender to the touch and form when your fascia (connective muscle tissue) tense up or tighten. Now, one of these is relatively easy to treat, but if you end up having a hotspot of myofascial trigger points, you may need prolonged treatment.

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We offer Myofascial Release Therapy.

For our clients who are experiencing myofascial trigger point pain, we offer massage therapy and treat using the Graston Technique. Putting pressure on these muscle trigger points releases the tension in the muscle. Though it seems like treating muscle knotting should be easy, treatment can take longer when we’re dealing with multiple trigger points because pain can show up in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. We take the time we need to get you feeling healthy, never more.

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