Should I be taking vitamin supplements?

Do I Really Need Supplements?

Most of us have tried supplements based on a friend’s recommendation or because it is something that is being sold through a Multi-Level Marketing Company. But do you really need them? Well, it depends on the reason for taking the supplement. Here are a few tips to follow when deciding to take a supplement:

  1. Long term supplements – Multivitamins are considered long term because they are supplements you need to take daily. Should you not be able to commit to long term supplements, then you are better off not taking them.
  2. Short term supplements – Emergen-C® is an example of a short term supplement that you take when you have a cold. Taking this will help the immune system while its fights against the virus.
  3. Quality Supplements – Always do research on the quality of the supplement and make sure that it is peer-reviewed and not bias to a particular company.

Supplementation, when done correctly, can enhance the body overall and allow it to heal correctly. I recommend seeing your nutritionist to decide what is right for you. Chiropractors also have extensive training in nutrition and can guide you on the right path.

Dr. Jason Alviene

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