Don’t Fall for Christmas Lights This Season: How to Prevent Back Injury

All is calm. All is bright. At least that is probably how you wish your holiday season would go. Calmness may be out of your control, but brightness is possible! Hanging lights on your home for all of your neighbors and guests to see. But, installing them can lead to increased back pain, a fall, or other injuries if you’re not careful.

Nearly 200 people per day experience a decoration-related injury according to Consumer Product Safety Commission, a governmental agency that seeks to safeguard people from consumer-product related risks. These injuries could be anything from falling off a ladder to lifting a heavy box incorrectly. 

There are a few ways to prevent injuries this holiday season, here are four:

Make sure you have firm footing

This rule applies to the whole installation process. Never lift a heavy box or light-up reindeer without making sure you are stable first. And don’t try to drill down a string of lights without first seeing if you’re in a secure position.  

Knowing how to properly and safely use a ladder assures that no one gets hurt — you or your decorations. Make sure the legs of the ladder are on a solid surface, the body is angled at a 75-degree angle, and if you’re leaning it against the roof, lean the ladder with three feet remaining above the roof. By following these rules, the ladder will give you the support you need to carefully install lights. Avoiding a back injury. 

Survey the weather

Rain, lightning, heights, and electricity aren’t the best to mix together. In South Florida, we may not have to worry about ice or snow, but we see plenty of rain and wind on the radar. Make sure to check the weather forecast beforehand and stick to a plan of going inside if it begins to rain or get too windy.

Trying to finish the job during less than ideal conditions can lead to initiating a back injury or triggering reoccurring pain.

Hire out if you can afford it

Finishing a project yourself may give you the pride of checking it off your to-dos, but it might be better to hand over the drill and ladder to someone else. You can still direct them to where you want each decoration to go, but without the fear of creating or worsening pain.  

Tugging at strings of lights, lifting and placing boxes, and climbing up and down a ladder causes stress along your neck and back. Releasing these burdens from your body allows for a pain-free holiday season.

Bring along a friend

If you are determined to get the job done, don’t go at it alone. Before you go asking anyone, try to find someone that can do the same amount of work as you so you can tag team. Not someone that will only watch. This will assure that you aren’t ending up doing the work solo and you can safely get the job done without it ending it with a back injury.

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