Reflecting on 2019

new years resolution

Reflecting on 2019

Reflecting on 2019

New Year’s Resolutions are a great idea, but it’s equally important to reflect on the year you’re leaving behind. While you may not have done everything you’d hoped or achieved all of your goals for 2019, before you head into the new decade, give yourself some credit and satisfaction as you consider all that you did do. 

Self-reflection is a critical component to holistic health–our ability to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our accomplishments is a significant element of humanity.

So use these prompts as a guide to taking some time to reflect; you’ll feel better as we approach another year.

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1. Recall the highlights of the past year.

Consider your accomplishments from 2019. What are some of the things that you did that you’re proud of? Goals met?

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2. How was your health in 2019?

This can be a reflection of both your physical and mental health. Did you exercise more or less? Take better care of yourself or employ a new diet? How did you sleep this past year? All of these things can help you as you move forward to create new health goals for 2020.

3. Were there any unexpected events this year?

Sometimes in our lives, things happen that are out of our control and can throw us completely off-track physically or emotionally. Did anything major or surprising happen to you in 2019? How did you handle it?

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4. Did you forget anything?

We’re all busy. It’s natural that we fall short in some areas that we have high hopes for. Are there things you wish you’d done in 2019 that you didn’t get to? Were there any missed opportunities or goals you didn’t accomplish that you’d like to make time for in the future?

5. How does all of this affect your plans for 2020?

After you’ve had a chance to reflect on these things, how do you feel about the past year? Knowing all of this, what resolutions will you make?

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