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3 Ways chiropractic care helps scoliosis

Abnormal curvature of the spine, called scoliosis, is a common condition often found in children ages 9-15. However, adults can suffer from it as well. When treated early on, scoliosis can have almost no negative impact on one’s life. But if left unattended, it could lead to surgery.

While scoliosis is not curable, chiropractic care can assist in a variety of ways to improve one’s quality of life, and even improve the curve of the spine.   

Early Diagnosis

Through x-rays or just the touch of the hand, chiropractors are able to identify a curve even before the patient begins feeling any pain. Early diagnosis can ensure that the best steps are put in place without having to think about extreme measures.

Improve Pain and Mobility

Two main symptoms of scoliosis are pain and loss of mobility, which can greatly impact one’s daily life. Spinal manipulation, or a chiropractic adjustment, is known to decrease pain while increasing mobility. Making day-to-day life more enjoyable.

Prevent The Spine From Curving

Although scoliosis is not curable, that does not mean there isn’t a way to prevent it from worsening or even improve. Chiropractic care can monitor and even improve the Cobb angle (the degree of spinal deformities).

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