What to do if you sit all day

Adopt These Healthy Habits if You Sit All Day

The majority of Americans sit during their working hours. Thanks to modern technology, our office spaces rarely require us to leave. But, it is causing havoc to our health. Sitting has been dubbed our current generation’s smoking. With it leading to risks of high blood pressure, excess body fat, and even cancer.

Here are some healthy habits that will combat your sitting routine:

Take Note of Your Posture

Sitting up straight isn’t just good manners, it’s good for your health. When you slouch, your bones and muscles are putting pressure in places you don’t want — lower back and neck. This position can cause aches and pains and eventually increase years down the road.

Get Up Every Hour

Staying active keeps both your body and brain limber. It can be tough to fit fitness into your daily routine, but doing a little is better than nothing. Try getting up at least once an hour. Give your legs, back, and even eyes a break. Too much sitting has been shown to lead to issues such as heart disease and dementia.

Go Out for Lunch

It’s tempting to sit and eat at your desk, letting that hour of freedom pass you by. Instead, utilize the time to get up and out of the office. Breathe in some fresh air and move your muscles. Some days taking a break every hour isn’t possible, but you are always entitled to your lunch break.

Sit on an Exercise Ball

Chairs make it easy to slouch and not engage any muscles in your body. Which doesn’t offer any benefits. However, sitting on an exercise ball forces your body to exert energy. This isn’t recommended to use for your full day, but it could easily help get through the afternoon slump.

See a Chiropractor Regularly

Visiting with a chiropractor regularly not only improves your wellbeing, but also helps determine if anything needs to be improved. Human bodies aren’t designed to be sitting all day, it is important to adjust your spine placement back into place.

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