Should I see a chiropractor for sport injuries?

Sport Chiropractic: 3 Ways Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic Care

To an athlete, the body is a rich and important asset, and keeping its performance polished is crucial for the execution and longevity of sport. Athletes tend to be infinitely more aware of their bodies than most people—in part, because athletes must remain consistently in tune with their body’s needs, and rely on that feedback to perform at their peak. It’s no wonder then that many athletes, from elites to hobbyists, utilize sport chiropractic care as their “secret weapon” to stay in sync.

Injury prevention

Injuries can be devastating for any athlete—whether it’s a veteran trying to prolong a career, or a rookie still trying to prove themselves. Getting your body ready for “go-time” shouldn’t be thought of as a short-term fix, but rather, an ongoing maintenance schedule to keep the body and career lasting for years.

Injuries are the number one cause of termination of a sports careers.

Sport Chiropractic Care treats a variety of sport injuries

The most common sport injuries include sprains, strains, pulled muscles and joint problems. On some level, pain is inevitable when the body is being pushed to its limits. However, there is good news… Sport Chiropractic Care can treat the vast majority of sports and training related injuries, allowing the athlete to focus on their craft—not their pain.

Chiropractic adjustments have shown to improve the body’s natural recovery process. When the spine is happy, the whole body tends to follow. This includes healing an injury, no matter the severity.   

Sport chiropractic care relieves pain and inflammation

When the body withstands an injury, it can become chronically inflamed. If ignored or not given the proper time to heal, constant pain is often the outcome. Sports Chiropractic focuses on the athlete’s ultimate goal—to perform their best.  

Through spinal manipulation, the chiropractor aligns the spine while adjusting the nervous system. This empowers your body to heal quickly, regardless of whether that pain is the result of a recent incident, or the byproduct of a long-term condition.    

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