What is kinesiology tape?

What is This Tape I See on People at the Gym?

There is a growing trend of people using “tape” to help with their aches, pains, posture imbalances, muscle soreness, sports injuries, sprains, and strains. It is known as kinesiology tape and there are many different brands available. This tape is different than the classic white restrictive medical tape that is often used for ankle sprains and is common for gymnasts. Kinesiology tape allows for flexibility and does not restrict the joint or movement.

What is the point of the tape?
ROCKTAPE®, has been shown to decrease swelling and inflammation, delay muscle fatigue, and decrease pain. When ROCKTAPE® is applied to the skin it “lifts” the top layer known as the epidermis. This technique helps remove inflammatory by-products, which may be contributing to your issue.

Who do I need to see to learn how to use this tape?
Kinesiology tape is commonly used by Chiropractors, Athletics Trainers, and Physical Therapists. To learn how to properly use this tape, talk to your trusted healthcare professional. The ROCKTAPE® website has a provider link for medical professionals that have been certified on how to effectively use the tape for different conditions. The website will also show videos with set-by-step instructions on how to apply the tape at home.

Dr. Lindsay Fierman, DC
ROCKTAPE® Fascial Movement Taping Level I & II Certified

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