Too much sugar for Halloween?

brunette woman eating halloween candy in the kitchen surrounded by more candy

Too much sugar for Halloween?

Too much sugar for Halloween?

Most of us indulge in the season as we eat candy which starts when we buy the first bag for our trick or treaters. The fun size candy makes it seem like we are only having a little taste. However, we usually eat more than we would compared to regular size candy. Here are a few tips to stay on track as the season progresses.

1. Buy the big Bars!

This will slow or stop you from eating too much before you hand them out for Halloween.

young daughter feeding her mom a piece of chocolate

2. Wait until the week before.

This will help you to not have the candy in the house and avoid the temptation to eat them early.

3. Store them somewhere outside of the kitchen/pantry

Since this is where you will look for something to snack on, you are less likely to make the wrong choice.

Sugar can have health consequences even in the short term. Make sure your immune system is ready for the up coming season.

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