Travel tips from a chiropractor

Travel Tips to Stay Pain-free

The holiday season is also traveling season. Having everyone together during this time of year is what makes the season so great, but most of the time it requires traveling. Whether you are flying or driving, traveling puts stress on your body which can trigger aches and pains, and even weaken the immune system.

Here are some travel tips for your holiday season:

By Plane

Checking your bag not only allows for an easier commute between terminals and boarding and disembarking the plane, but it also helps your health. Lifting any object that weighs more than five to ten percent of your body weight can hinder you. Especially when raising it above your head, into the overhead compartments.

If your flight is especially long, be sure to get up and stretch mid-flight. Even if it is just to stand up for a minute. This keeps your blood circulating and your muscles moving. Decreasing the likelihood of feeling stiff when you finally disembark the plane.

By Car

Position your seat so you are upright and, if you’re the driver, close to the steering wheel. Ensure your knees are slightly higher than your hips and depending on the distance you may even want to consider getting some back support. The beauty of driving instead of flying is that you can stop whenever you’d like, for the most part. If you start to feel uncomfortable, pull over to a rest stop and take a break.

If aches and pains linger after you travel, it’s important to book an appointment with your chiropractor. During this session, your chiropractor will examine how your body dealt with the stress of travel and then make a plan to get back to normal.

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