What Bed Should I Get?

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What Bed Should I Get?

What Bed Should I Get?

This is a question that I hear daily. Beds are similar to relationships. Not all of them work for you, and it can be even harder to find one that is comfortable enough for two people to sleep in it every night. A good night of rest is extremely important and should not be taken lightly. Here are the steps to finding a great mattress.

  1. Pick a medium to firm mattress – Soft mattress do not provide the support necessary and will break down quicker than the other mattresses
  2. 20-minute resting period – Get on the mattress in a normal sleeping position for 20 minutes. Make sure you are comfortable during that time period. Should it become uncomfortable, get up and try another one.
  3. 28-day test – Almost all mattresses have a minimum of a 30-day money back guarantee (usually more) and that is plenty of time to try the mattress. It can take a few weeks to adjust to a new bed. Give yourself 28 days. Should you still be uncomfortable, return it and start again.

Changing your bed can help with an array of issues. Make sure that you get checked for other health concerns should your sleeping still not revert to normal. A chiropractor is an excellent place to start and can refer you to the right professional if needed.

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