Why can't I fall asleep?

Why Am I Not Sleeping Well?

Sleeping is important for the overall recovery and rejuvenation of the human body. Without adequate rest, you lack the ability to repair your structures, so they can work for you each day. There are many reasons you lose shut-eye and it can lead to serious medical issues.

Regardless of the “why”, there are things you can do now to help you sleep tonight. And since you are most likely reading this at some late hour because you are awake, try these now!

  • No Light – Turn off the TV, smartphone, tablet, night light. These distractions keep you awake longer than needed because of the light stimulating the eye and then the brain.
  • Take Off the Covers – Allowing the body to cool will help to calm down the nervous system and allow you to rest. You can pull the covers on later as you drift to sleep
  • Pay Attention to Your Thoughts – These thoughts are what keep you awake most often. Trying to solve problems that cannot be solved at the current time is a big stress. However, you can focus on these thoughts a different way. Just allow them to move through your mind. With each thought ask yourself, “Can this be solved now?”, Once you answer, NO, the thought dissolves and you wait for the next one. Your stress goes down and you fall asleep.

Should you continue to have problems, you may need to seek help from an expert in the sleep deprivation field. Contact your health professional for assistance. If you are losing sleep from discomfort, a chiropractor can assess your structure to see if you have any shifts in the spine that could be affecting your rest and help you select a mattress for your body type.

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