Your Shoes, Your Back: Are Certain Shoes to Blame for Back Pain?

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Your Shoes, Your Back: Are Certain Shoes to Blame for Back Pain?

Your Shoes, Your Back: Are Certain Shoes to Blame for Back Pain?

What’s on your feet? Chronic back pain sufferers often believe their discomfort is the result of spinal issues, however, one of the culprits may be your choice of daily footwear. Your feet are pretty significant and act as the foundation for your body. When your shoes aren’t supportive enough, your back will tell you.

And while most people think that high heels are the only offender, other styles of shoes can also be to blame. Indeed high heels are bad news for back pain and can make any existing problem worse. (The angle of any heel an inch or higher can cause you to walk differently and can put stress on your knees, too.)

Generally, women are aware of the issues that may arise from heels, but men can be sufferers too, without realizing it. Men’s dress shoes or boots usually have a small heel and even that slight variation can result in back pain.

Other shoes that can cause back pain are flats and flip flops. While these shoes are the go-to’s for comfort, they can actually cause more impact on your back than wearing heels. Flat shoes offer little to no support on your arch or ankles. Flip flops don’t have arch support and tightening your toes as you walk can put even more stress on your legs and back.

The shoes that are best for your back are ones that provide good arch support, have a proper cushion, and orthotic insoles. While these may not always be the most fashionable, it’s important to consider your back when you choose your footwear. If you’re a chronic back pain sufferer, limit the amount of time you spend in heels or shoes with no support and invest in some high-quality shoes. Fortunately, there are a lot of attractive options available.

Save the heels for special occasions and the flip flops for the beach. Your back will thank you.

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